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I took a photo of this horseman in Budapest, but such statues can be found in almost every city. There are plenty of monuments in the world, and they are mostly there to honor big leaders, and an occasional poet.


Have you ever wondered why monuments never celebrate committees, juries, or any other teams? Why is there always one horse and one horseman, never a whole troop?

The reason is simple. Nothing in the world happens without a true leader. This applies to sports, politics, business… all walks of life. There’s one man and never a team behind each brave deed, behind all progress. Of course, leaders organize and motivate their team, that’s why they’re leaders in the first place – to lead, to show the way, to motivate, to bring out the best in their team.

The situation is similar in sales and marketing. One person should lead a project and the responsibility should lie with them. Wherever the decision-making process is split among many, the decision that’s been made is wrong and usually too late.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

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