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The concept of unique selling proposition was invented by Rosser Reeves in the 1950s. Those who can say why a customer should buy from them and not from the competition, sell more.

Unique selling propositions should be unique. If both you and your competition claim you have the lowest prices, then this isn’t your unique selling proposition. What do most Slovenian sellers claim?

Look for something that you can offer to your customers, but your competition can’t.
Look for something that customers appreciate and you competition doesn’t have.

Unique selling proposition

Here’s an example from a street in Krakow, Poland. Competition among street artists is fierce and they all fight for the passer-by’s change. But only this couple takes pride in having performed for the pope, and they have a photo to prove it, too. This is one unique selling proposition that their competition certainly doesn’t have.

Most Slovenian entrepreneurs should take a week off and think about what really separates them from the competition. This would really pay off.

Have a look at some pictures from Krakow.


Silver artist with a sword

A silver street artist

Bronze street artist

A bronze street artist


Silver artist with a sword
One more silver artist with a sword


Pope John Paul II addressed
A window from which Pope John Paul II addressed youth


Jewish quarter
Jewish quarter


A few Communists are still around


Gurus looking
Your guru’s looking in the distance

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