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Would you like to boost your sales with help of one of the greatest and well-known keynote speaker? Then check out these free marketing ideas written by a marketing guru.

Key note speaker says: I received the following e-mail on Monday:

Dear Aleš,
I’ve started using your toll sticker system at work at it works phenomenally. I’ve adjusted it to monthly installments though, but it’s similar. You rule.
Best regards, Igor

Why am I writing a marketing guru’s diary? Because I want to show you as many ways as possible of earning that extra dollar. I’m not writing about toll stickers to tell you how I feel about them (by the way, this guru endorses the German system, including their speed limits 🙂 ), but to show you a business model that can make you money.

I’m waiting for the first hairdresser to test my toll sticker system. Let’s see. There’s interest, so far some 370 out of 500 women voted for toll stickers in several recent seminars. Toll stickers can be applied to almost any business. Igor, for example, is a web page designer.

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