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A young researcher in biomedicine talks to his professor. The professor suggests that he take part in a research project in which he will have the opportunity to learn about a new technique. The first technique is about determining the size of proteins. Unfortunately, the technique is quite old, so the young man isn’t really enthusiastic. He asks if there’s anything else, and the professor proposes isolating antibodies. The young man is reluctant because the method is invasive. It requires injecting a rabbit with a foreign body so that it starts producing antibodies which are to be isolated later. You need to draw the rabbit’s blood until the poor thing bleeds to death. The young man doesn’t like the method because he’s not particularly fond of killing rabbits.

Despite this the student wants to know where the research would take place. “Dear colleague, you’ll need to go to New Zealand for a couple of months, and the scholarship is also quite generous.”

The young man replies: “Great, I’m really interested in this method. When do I fly there?”


Are you trying to find the connection between this story and marketing? There’s none. But the story is real. The young man has just told me the story himself. People like listening to stories; we remember them. Stories sell. Perhaps this story has made you think about what’s ethical and where the limits are?

Luckily enough I work in sales and marketing. I’ve never conducted tests on animals and never will. I do carry out a lot of tests, but only on people J. In sales and marketing – as in science – those who frequently test win.

And don’t judge the young man. Bear in mind that the steak you enjoyed so much last night had been freely grazing on open meadows but a day before.

Ordinary beerKeynote speaker about beer 🙂

We also had a couple of beers while in Brussels last week. Beer can’t be poured into any old glass. Belgians recommend a certain glass to drink a particular beer brand from.
Stories sellA marketing lesson? Stories sell. Telling a better story than your competition helps your marketing. It also helps if you tell a customer exactly what he/she needs to do. We are very good at following instructions. Not telling our customers exactly what they are expected to do is a colossal mistake. Cheers!