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Would you pay 1,000 crowns (40 euros) for a 40-minute sightseeing tour of Prague by car?

“It depends what kind of a car we’re talking about,” would be the correct answer. How about a 1934 Škoda convertible, 3 gears, non-synchronous transmission?


I couldn’t resist such a ride. How does this Škoda entry relate to marketing?

Because those who’d come up with the idea of driving tourists around in old Škodas and Tatras knew how to make something from nothing.

A slow and noisy ride in a roofless car is charged ten times more than the most ordinary ride in a cab. Isn’t this good marketing practice? I think it could work in Ljubljana, too. I’m already browsing the web to find an old Škoda.

I could drive tourists around Ljubljana on weekends. 60 euros for a 30-minute tour. Let’s say ten tours on Saturdays and ten on Sundays, and I’d earn 1,200 euros per month which means 12,000 euros in ten weekends. This should cover the costs of car maintenance and the driver, shouldn’t it? OK, I admit it’s only a draft business plan, but in my opinion it could work.

Ervinator, my blogging mate, could you come up with 10,000 euros, and we could buy an old Škoda together?

I would hire a student to drive the car, of course; 3 euros per hour and he’d love the job. I just need to find the right car on eBay and a co-investor interested in the project.

Some days ago a Slovenian hotel sent me the following sales promotion e-mail:

So what about our sales promotion? It’s priceless – because only you can tell the price! Tell us what you normally pay for renting a conference room, and we’ll give you 15% off on a similar room in our hotel. The only condition is that you rent the room during the week and between…

In other words, they’re offering me a 15% discount on any price that I can get anywhere else!

A few days later another hotel offered me their conference rooms free of charge in April: completely free, only if I was also willing to try out their services.

What’s the problem with such offers?

If a seller begins with prices – we’ll talk prices.

Entrepreneurs who’re always whining that they are squeezed by prices usually have only themselves to blame. After all, they are the ones who bring up the topic.

But if we decide to offer discounts, the promotion has to be limited in terms of duration and to a particular occasion; for example, a promotion connected to a branch opening (upgrading). This way we’ll have fewer problems raising the prices later.

In short, when we lower prices, we have to say why, and keep the promotion unique, occasional. The best thing is, of course, not to compete on price. There’s only ever room for one cheapest company.