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I took a photo of this horseman in Budapest, but such statues can be found in almost every city. There are plenty of monuments in the world, and they are mostly there to honor big leaders, and an occasional poet.


Have you ever wondered why monuments never celebrate committees, juries, or any other teams? Why is there always one horse and one horseman, never a whole troop?

The reason is simple. Nothing in the world happens without a true leader. This applies to sports, politics, business… all walks of life. There’s one man and never a team behind each brave deed, behind all progress. Of course, leaders organize and motivate their team, that’s why they’re leaders in the first place – to lead, to show the way, to motivate, to bring out the best in their team.

The situation is similar in sales and marketing. One person should lead a project and the responsibility should lie with them. Wherever the decision-making process is split among many, the decision that’s been made is wrong and usually too late.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

In marketing, and especially in advertising, repetition does the trick. The more times we hear and see something, the higher the chances that we’re going to remember the message. Calvo tuna for example (I could also say ‘Amen’, but Calvo tuna shows the principle well enough).


City authorities in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, have opted for an amusing way of prohibiting car traffic. At what times is the street closed for traffic?

People are different and while some of us get the message, others don’t. That’s why clever sellers say the same thing in many ways, and more than once, and then repeat it. The photo is from the book Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works.

Recently, my wife and her friend have been having lots of ideas about healthy eating. One day, they even gave the cook in our restaurant a hard time trying to convince him to include a healthy meal as the daily special. The cook was doubtful; he thought there would be no demand. But he let himself be persuaded and did as they’d asked.

What happened in our restaurant today?

Practically all demand was for the healthy meal.
Healthy Eating
So what’s the moral of this marketing story?

When buyers vote with their wallets, they never lie. If you ask them whether they would buy something or not, you never get the answer you need to make good business. If you allow them to “vote” with their wallets, soon all will be clear to you.

Kudos to the cook who ignored his initial opinion and enabled voting with wallets.

In his book Triggers Joe Sugarman describes 30 selling tools which can control the thoughts of your clients, motivate them, influence their minds and persuade them to buy.

Psychological triggersWhich of the 30 tools were employed by the genius Panini brothers who, several decades ago, came up with the idea of collecting soccer stickers? As you can see in the picture, I was with my sons in front of Lepa žoga bar yesterday where they exchanged approximately 30 stickers. The older son finally got Messi… The crowd was quite big, people (yes, both male and female) of all ages exchanged stickers.

In chapter 18 of Triggers Joe Sugarman says that in the human psyche there is a strong urge to collect… Guess which other 29 psychological triggers were employed by the authors of soccer sticker albums to create such a successful campaign?

Did you know that one sticker album costs a minimum of 70 euros? Because you have to buy more stickers than there are spaces in the album…

A crowd of collectors in times of crisis – that’s also good marketing.

Our boat stopped on Vis on Saturday. We cruised all over the island on scooters and went to check out Tito’s old temporary abode. Hmm, I can hardly believe comrade Tito lived in that uncomfortable hole for a long time.

Aleš LisacBut it sounds perfect. Tito was a master of marketing and sales. He made his name into a world-renowned brand – one which shone really brightly in his prime. A brand must be maintained, otherwise it’s bound to lose its shine sooner or later.

So what else makes an exceptional brand? All exceptional brands have their “believers”, admirers and loyal fans on the one side, and their enemies on the other. I cannot think of a single brand that, alongside its admirers, didn’t have a big group of indifferent, even hostile, people.

If you like Union beer, you usually don’t like Laško beer; if you like Saab, you regard the drivers of BMWs as pretenders and posers; if you drive a BMW, you think all Saab drivers are weird; if you own an Apple…; if you do your shopping in Walmart…, if…

Good brands have one more feature in common: they all tell a story. Bill Gates allegedly started in a garage, Tito was hiding in a small cave in Vis, Stenmark used only Elan skis, Barcelona embraced Messi when he was still a little boy, and paid for him to grow big, Bled cream cake was first made in…

Every good brand has its story – a story that is recounted time and again. Tito really had a lot of stories…