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In Austria, of all places. At the edge of an Austrian village, a police officer popped out from behind a bush and pulled me over. He jumped out like a squirrel. He said I was going too fast – 50 mph in a residential area. I had to use the whole range of my negotiation skills and we finally agreed – a fine of 35 euros. My brother recently paid 125 euros for doing 43 mph in Nova sela.


OK, my brother was guilty, but I wasn’t. J It’s true that I was driving though a small village, but the speed limit was exceptionally set at 20 mph that day because of a village party. They put a sign “end of all restrictions” at the end of the party. I took the sign seriously and floored it. But then a police officer appeared out of nowhere saying: “Sorry, I’m just doing my job.”

I saw he felt guilty for it. He knew I was right. Probably most of his victims that day hadn’t even noticed the sign, and I was able explain to him why I drove that fast.

But what does this have to do with marketing? A lot. Police officers are smarter than most entrepreneurs. They put radar detectors on busy roads, with higher chances of catching perpetrators. They hide radar detectors in the part of a residential where there are no houses or residents. Long straight stretches of road with a bush to hide in. I wrote about it some years ago, you can look for the entry.

But it’s perfectly fair that they got me. It only took me six hours to drive from Prague to Ljubljana, so I must’ve driven too fast. But not where they got me. I thought about proving my innocence with my GPS unit, but I changed my mind after I’d checked the statistics.


It must have gone crazy because it said that I’d been doing 251 mph! But I really don’t understand why I paid only 35 euros. A special price for gurus?

Now that I’ve mentioned Prague, have a look at some photos and read my next entry.


I like awarding street artists; they appreciate it.

Nice Prague

Andy Warhol anywhere we go.

Prague funfair orchestra

Prague Funfair Orchestra

Prague tourist

There are more tourists in Prague that Czechs.