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In his interview for Mag magazine, Samo Fakin, director of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, said that instead of prescribing their patients 4 or 5 packages of medication, doctors prefer to prescribe 6. Why do doctors prescribe more medications than needed?

The reason is simple. In Latin it’s easier to write 6 (sex) than 4 (quattuor) or 5 (quinque).

Doctors don’t even know how to count in Latin. They have forgotten how to write 4 or 5, and therefore prescribe wrong amounts of medication. This ignorance costs taxpayers a lot of money.

This of course begs the question why they aren’t allowed to write “five” in Slovene or just as a numeral 5? This would spare them the embarrassment of not knowing how to count in Latin, and we would all pay less for health insurance. [More]