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Would you like to boost your sales with help of one of the greatest and well-known keynote speaker? Then check out these free marketing ideas written by a marketing guru.

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Keynote speaker: First there was Actimel. Actimel strengthens body’s defenses – guaranteed. Or you will get your money back. You must remember Actimel’s trial weeks. They recommend daily consumption, a bottle a day. Free marketing ideas: Remember, customers have to be given exact instructions how to use, consume the product. Other yoghurt sellers forgot to tell their customers they were supposed to eat a portion of yoghurt a day; that’s the reason they sell less.
Lower cholesterolFree marketing ideas: Once they realize what sells, all smart sellers repeat the same method immediately. And there was Activia. A new generation of yoghurt! A total of 83% of Slovenian women confirm Activia’s positive effect. Your digestion significantly improves even after just two weeks of regular consumption (a cup a day).

Does Ronaldo invent a dribble as he goes along or does he use a set of dribbles and then adequately adapt them to the situation and the opponent? Of course he doesn’t come up with tricks spontaneously. It would be inefficient and a waste of energy.


Who’s going to sell more?

Free marketing ideas: In most industries competitors claim the same things. As do these in the two photographs. Both sellers claim that their Turkish Viagra ensures five “performances” in a single night.
Turkish Viagra

5 times in the night
What do you do if your competitor claims the same?

Keynote speaker: It’s clear that your competition isn’t as good as you. The problem is that customers don’t know this. Competition claims the same. Customers see that you all offer the same thing.

What to do?

Keynote speaker: Think for as long as you can until you find something that sets you apart from the rest. Something that your competition doesn’t have. Discover an advantage that makes you unique. Show distinctiveness in one aspect at least. Each and every entrepreneur, each and every company has something unique, something that is of value to customers. Find this distinct selling advantage and show it off.

I saw a bus parked at the roadside in Opatija yesterday. I took photographs of two signs on the bus. One sign is an example of excellent customer benefit presentation, while the other is clearly an example of a bad slogan.

Common sense“Common sense is not that common.” Keynote speaker Drayton Bird told me on several occasions. They seem to agree with him at H&M. Common sense can’t be taken for granted. The only question is if such an ad puts off those who don’t have any…

Let’s have a look at one more photograph from the same shop. This one gives an important marketing lesson. We need to educate customers!

Ordinary beerKeynote speaker about beer 🙂

We also had a couple of beers while in Brussels last week. Beer can’t be poured into any old glass. Belgians recommend a certain glass to drink a particular beer brand from.
Stories sellA marketing lesson? Stories sell. Telling a better story than your competition helps your marketing. It also helps if you tell a customer exactly what he/she needs to do. We are very good at following instructions. Not telling our customers exactly what they are expected to do is a colossal mistake. Cheers!

Good advertisements are those that sell well. Publishing an advertisement should cover its costs and bring some money.

Keynote speaker at the airport.

We advertise when we can’t tell our customer the story in person. Advertisements are seller surrogates. A good seller always takes into account his/her environment. A personal address in an office differs from an address over the phone; yet one would address a customer differently at the airport or in Las Vegas, for that matter.
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Two free marketing ideas by keynote speaker Aleš Lisac:

My older son has finished his soccer practice for the season. On the second last practice, he got a free soccer jersey: number 9, and my son’s name in capital letters below! I admit that this motivated me to enroll him in soccer practice for the next season.

My younger son didn’t go to football practice, but went to the gym. I didn’t think it was anything special –honestly, what would 4-year olds do at the gym? Whenever I would ask him what it was like, he replied in a voice full of pride: “But you know, dad, we exercised.” Yesterday after gym he brought home, besides a gold medal, a CD with a bunch of photographs as evidence that they exercised the whole year. And now I have a reason less not to enroll my son in the gym again.

Two smart and charming moves to retain their customers and increase the odds of spending our money on their services again. Bravo!

Keynote speaker: Make potential customers test your products.
Free samplesYesterday I found a standard volume of flyers and bills in my mailbox. By the time I reached my flat, I had with me the bills and only one flyer. Which really wasn’t a flyer but a washing powder sample. Throwing it away seemed such a waste… [More]