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Would you like to boost your sales with help of one of the greatest and well-known keynote speaker? Then check out these free marketing ideas written by a marketing guru.

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Keynote speaker: What’s up guys? The visitor count on the marketing guru’s diary is going up, but you leave fewer and fewer comments. Don’t tell me I need to bribe you again? 🙂
For starters, let me show you these two whiskey advertisements. Which of the two do you prefer? Please say why.
WhiskeyAnd one more interesting thing. Playboy made a twist to the advert to say: “YOUR DAD WASN’T YOUR MOM’S FIRST.” See the difference, ha, ha!
Things get better with age, don’t they? 🙂 So, which one do you prefer? But most of all, I’d like to know what you think about the first one.

It pays to read the marketing guru’s diary, because I give away a lot of information a lot of free marketing ideas – and I mean a lot. Some of the people say that I give away too much. This diary takes you backstage. Ever since I established my first company, with three other partners in 1989, I’ve seen and experienced plenty; and I’ve also learned a lot.

I am well known keynote speaker. I have received “the best speaker of the year” award in 2006 and was voted the “the best professor of the year” twice. To be a good keynote speaker you need to have lots of experience from the topics and you must know how to present in front of a large crowd. The event I am describing in this post would be a dream come true for any serious keynote speaker. I am proud that I was not just keynote speaker but that I also organize and put together this event. 4000 participants on this event are also my fans.

As a consultant, speaker, professor, keynote speaker I share everything I know. Free marketing ideas for you. Many people are afraid of sharing knowledge. But why? Two things happen when a person learns something from you: firstly, they become richer because they now know more, and secondly, you know none the less if you’ve shared your knowledge. You usually know even more. Teachers (gurus) learn from the teaching experience even more than learners. [More]

You can get marketing ideas in different places. Free marketing ideas and not so free marketing ideas.

I’ve been to Big Brother already, but I didn’t volunteer. It lasted 12 months altogether. There were around 30 of us in the “house” and we slept on bunk beds. This Big Brother made us exercise for half an hour every morning at 5 a.m. We went running bare-chested no matter the temperature, and only had breakfast afterwards.

This Big Brother assigned me interesting tasks such as learning Bulgarian (perhaps useful thing if you want to become keynote speaker), radiotelegraphy and handling radiogoniometers. One day, we were even trained to shoot the world’s best-selling machinegun. [More]

Free marketing ideas by keynote speaker Lisac:

You will sell more if you talk about a subject your customers are talking about. If you watch TV, you must have heard of a media project entitled ‘Swine Flu’. The aim of the media is to attract attention and frighten the audience. In my opinion, they are behaving rather unethically; however, the fact is that sales people like to exaggerate…
Good AdvertisementsOK, let’s drop that. Instead, have a look at an example of a company selling soap. I’m sure that this company, having reacted promptly to the swine flu media project, will dramatically increase sales with this advertisement. Its publication ends the recession for them. [More]

Keynote speaker about medical errors and free marketing ideas. How about this one – who’s more likely to come back from a “repair shop” alive – a Toyota or a hospital patient?

Well, the odds are definitely against the patient!

I’ve been reading an interesting study.* Every year, between 44,000 and 98,000 people die in hospitals in the USA because of mistakes. Medical errors are the 8th top killer in the USA.

What’s the situation like in Slovenia? It seems that only a couple of people die due to hospital errors each year. At least we don’t usually hear of more than that. But if we simply translated the American figures to Slovenia’s two million inhabitants (the USA has a population of 300 million), we could conclude that between 293 and 653 people (hospital patients) are killed each year.

Think twice before going to the hospital next time. You’re more likely to get killed there than on the road.

Read on for free marketing ideas by keynote speaker Lisac.


Keynote speaker in Belgrade

I gave a lecture in Belgrade on Friday, on marketing, direct marketing specifically. The hosts did their job perfectly. The hall in Sava Center was full. I was fascinated by the attendees who were mostly all directors or marketing directors.

I was fascinated by the hosts, the attendants and by the city. Serbs are difficult to beat in hospitality.

One more interesting thing: I spoke on Serbian national TV after the seminar, and gave interviews to several magazines and newspapers. Serbs could read about my seminar on the first page of Borba newspaper. How come my first visit to Belgrade was covered by the national broadcaster? There are some free marketing ideas. [More]

Keynote speaker: Several days ago this scooter was parked in front of our block of flats. Mario Cales, bon voyage to Beijing. The “Free Tibet” sign will probably disappear before crossing the Chinese border. 🙂
Romania 1994I add one of my photographs to the “recollections” category. It was taken on my business trip to Romania.
Believe it or not, but in 1994 there were no road toll stickers and they collected no toll. And there was no police radar either… The car in the photo never made it back to Slovenia. Believe it or not … it was stolen in Bulgaria. 🙂

Free marketing ideas

A marketing moral to this entry? You can’t run a successful business from a distance. If you’re opening a business abroad, you need to be there in person. At least for a while. And you have to choose reliable partners. The road to success is sometimes difficult, sometimes even muddy. 🙂