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Little Things

November 5, 2011 | Comments | Key note speaker

Better hotels provide sewing kits for their guests. Thoughtful, isn’t it? You never know when you might lose a button.

Little things

Key note speaker – Do you know why the kit I got in Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace really impressed me? The needle is already threaded! A person who made the kit knows that some of us can’t see well and that it’s difficult to pass thread through the eye of a needle.




October 11, 2011 | Comments | Key note speaker

Here’s a photo of me from when I was studying in the USA.
Key note speaker: Yes, you’re right, that’s a DRIVE-IN CHRISTIAN CHURCH behind me!

How do you make a confession in one of these?


Key note speaker Marie Casal has sent me another one of her letters. She often writes to me and every time she does she tells me something new and tries to sell me something.
Marie Casal This time the letter says:

“Dear Aleš, luck will be on your side if you read this letter quickly. Believe me, herein lies a solution to your problem. With its help you will drive away the evil destiny that threatens you… [More]

Key note speaker is Marcelo.

Marcelo makes bespoke suits for men. The price for such a suit is approximately 1,200 euros. He lacks no work. He has customers in many European countries, from Italy, the UK, Switzerland, Poland etc. I met Marcelo at Dr Cialdini’s seminar. What was he doing there? He agreed with the organizer to present his work at a small, improvised stand in front of the hall. A brilliant move. Who are his potential customers? Businessmen, of course. And businessmen who have paid 350 euros for a seminar, probably wouldn’t mind spending 1,200 euros for a bespoke suit.
Marcelo in LisacKey note speaker Marcelo was in the right place where there where customers who both sought his services and had the money to afford them. [More]

Key note speaker says: I received the following e-mail on Monday:

Dear Aleš,
I’ve started using your toll sticker system at work at it works phenomenally. I’ve adjusted it to monthly installments though, but it’s similar. You rule.
Best regards, Igor

Why am I writing a marketing guru’s diary? Because I want to show you as many ways as possible of earning that extra dollar. I’m not writing about toll stickers to tell you how I feel about them (by the way, this guru endorses the German system, including their speed limits 🙂 ), but to show you a business model that can make you money.

I’m waiting for the first hairdresser to test my toll sticker system. Let’s see. There’s interest, so far some 370 out of 500 women voted for toll stickers in several recent seminars. Toll stickers can be applied to almost any business. Igor, for example, is a web page designer.

Better postersKey note speaker Aleš Lisac says: There are always jokers in this world who, willing or not, increase the value of a poster. Vampire teeth, a moustache and other “improvements” make sure that even those who otherwise wouldn’t notice it, do so. In short, these accessories are useful in terms of recognition. If you don’t notice a poster, it doesn’t exist. A joker in this case definitely didn’t do much damage to the former minister. If those who adorn posters knew that they were actually helping the person… Well, even I would’ve missed the poster…

The idea of an eye patch isn’t new. The legendary David Ogilvy sold a lot of shirts with the help of an eye patch. Advertisements with an element of a surprise, like the eye patch, hit the right chord. We notice them more easily, we ask ourselves why…
David OgilvyOne of the ways of increasing response to printed advertisements, direct mail, etc. is to write something on an ad by hand. As we did several years ago on an Andy Owen seminar flyer.

Key note speaker Aleš Lisac says

Gluttony isn’t just an unhealthy habit, but also a deadly sin. Those who overeat are sinners. You’ll probably agree with me when I say that there should be a healthy equilibrium when it comes to food. When you’re full, there’s no need to keep eating.

Smart people buy as much food as they need. Making food supplies just isn’t sensible behavior. The food is bound to go off sooner or later.

How about buying knowledge? Shopping for information?

“Gluttony” is desired in that case.