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In his book Triggers Joe Sugarman describes 30 selling tools which can control the thoughts of your clients, motivate them, influence their minds and persuade them to buy.

Psychological triggersWhich of the 30 tools were employed by the genius Panini brothers who, several decades ago, came up with the idea of collecting soccer stickers? As you can see in the picture, I was with my sons in front of Lepa žoga bar yesterday where they exchanged approximately 30 stickers. The older son finally got Messi… The crowd was quite big, people (yes, both male and female) of all ages exchanged stickers.

In chapter 18 of Triggers Joe Sugarman says that in the human psyche there is a strong urge to collect… Guess which other 29 psychological triggers were employed by the authors of soccer sticker albums to create such a successful campaign?

Did you know that one sticker album costs a minimum of 70 euros? Because you have to buy more stickers than there are spaces in the album…

A crowd of collectors in times of crisis – that’s also good marketing.