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Would you like to boost your sales with help of one of the greatest and well-known keynote speaker? Then check out these free marketing ideas written by a marketing guru.

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Free marketing ideas: Today I gave my son his first skiing lesson! While we were sipping our tea, I took this blurred photo with my phone.
Mysterious Object
It shows an extremely clever and efficient marketing idea! It’s about a system that, to a small enterprise, ensures 1,200 customer visits a year!
My friends, guess what’s in the photo!

It’s a simple and cheap system that makes your customers come by every week and buy something at the same time!

The first person to answer correctly gets my three NEW books which are due to be published at the end of January. Yes, I’ve written three books. Of course, the lucky winner (or maybe it’s not luck) will get the books signed by the author himself.

You can’t enter the competition if you’re originally from the area, or if you’ve been to the place.


How much is a potential customer’s address worth? Ideally, you don’t have to pay for it. Or even better, every new address makes you money. “Self liquidating leads” are addresses you haven’t paid for. Potential customers give you their addresses and even pay to be registered in your database. Cool, isn’t it?
Self liquidating leadsFree marketing ideas: Take this advert is for example. If you would like to try out the pills, pay $3.99 for postage. The postage and the pill cost less than 4 dollars. With each “free” pill order, the seller acquires a potential customer’s address and even makes some money. This is an excellent system, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. If you can pull off something like this, though, you’re bound to earn a fortune.

We employed a slightly less lucrative system when we organized a free seminar in Hala Tivoli. We had to pay for each attendee, of course. The same applies to giving away 100,000 Magnifico CDs – they weren’t free either. But in the end it all paid off. You need to invest more in to your customers.

“If you want to receive an information kit on Aleš Lisac’s latest seminar – the attendance fee is 10,000 euros – send 20 euros to my address and you’ll receive the kit by express mail. Hurry – the offer is limited to just ten participants, and each needs to take a special test, which is enclosed.”

This is an example of a “self liquidating leads” system.

If you’re interested, now you know what you need to do.  🙂

If you’re after exceptional results, you have to be different from the rest. You need to do something unusual in your industry.
Going against the grainThis advertisement isn’t a clear example of “going against the grain” method, but it proves a different point. Many advertisers don’t dare tell the truth.

In this ad, Pentax admits to what we all know – they aren’t one of the two leading camera producers, and they are taking advantage of this drawback. Most shopping decisions are emotional, so Pentax playing on the emotions of those who don’t want the same things as everyone else.

There are people who would rather pay a bit more for a product of slightly worse quality just for the sake of not owning the same things their neighbor or colleagues from work already have.

Free marketing ideas: The advert has a big technical mistake though – it uses capital letters. CAPITAL LETTERS REACH FEWER PEOPLE AND REDUCE RESPONSE. IT’S PROVEN. Use capital letters only if you wish to emphasize a particular phrase, certainly not for the whole text.

There’s so much advice in this entry:
– go against the grain
– admit your product’s or service’s drawbacks
– avoid using capital letters.

Free marketing ideas: Unfortunately the promotion has just ended. I’d just love to know how many washing powder customers got 50% off their dinner.

ArielAll Slovenian entrepreneurs could run such a promotion! And for free!

You just need to make a deal with restaurant owners. And the deal is: “I bring you a new customer and you give them a 50% discount on their first meal. I’m not taking any commission.You pay for half of the bill – it’s not exactly a fortune.”

Do you think the washing powder people followed my model, or even paid the restaurant for the meals? Perhaps they even took it a step further and charged them for cooperation?!

Marketing is a funny thing, isn’t it? 🙂

Here’s what I looked like a quarter of a century ago when my friend and I went skiing to Mt. Kanin for the May 1st holidays. He also went by moped. You’ve got to give us credit for our optimism. 🙂
Ski SeasonA marketing lesson? Or free marketing ideas?  Most decisions we (buyers) make in life aren’t rational, but emotional. Going to the slopes by moped isn’t exactly a rational decision, but it was fun and unforgettable. Emotions sell! And even the silliest (shopping) decision has a rational explanation. Well, almost every one. Our adventure probably lacked one. I’ll spare you the details about how customs and police officers looked at us when we made a quick shopping stop in Gorizia. And how happy my mum was about those escapades. 🙂

Free marketing ideas : My Polish colleagues tried on this Avon item. No, no … it’s not an ordinary glove. This glove shows you where to apply pressure if you want to heal a part of your body. Though the instructions say that it’s not a medical product, but you can never know for sure, it might help…
More than just a gloveJust importing some knowledge from a different industry might increase product value. This glove is no more than a good combination of a product (glove) and a service (healing with acupressure).

A similar combination of two seemingly incompatible things is the all-American favorite professional wrestling. It’s a combination of wrestling and movies. Wrestlers aren’t really fighting, everything is staged, but children and an occasional dad love it nevertheless.

Can you think of another weird combination that has yielded good sales results? A campervan is one, or rollerblades, or…

Keynote speaker: Several days ago this scooter was parked in front of our block of flats. Mario Cales, bon voyage to Beijing. The “Free Tibet” sign will probably disappear before crossing the Chinese border. 🙂
Romania 1994I add one of my photographs to the “recollections” category. It was taken on my business trip to Romania.
Believe it or not, but in 1994 there were no road toll stickers and they collected no toll. And there was no police radar either… The car in the photo never made it back to Slovenia. Believe it or not … it was stolen in Bulgaria. 🙂

Free marketing ideas

A marketing moral to this entry? You can’t run a successful business from a distance. If you’re opening a business abroad, you need to be there in person. At least for a while. And you have to choose reliable partners. The road to success is sometimes difficult, sometimes even muddy. 🙂