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Would you like to boost your sales with help of one of the greatest and well-known keynote speaker? Then check out these free marketing ideas written by a marketing guru.

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Proud owners of black credit cards received the following letter from Slovenia’s Diners Club:
3 short free marketing ideas:
1. Choosing the right target group is important. This offer can’t be sent to everyone. The response would be good of course – lots of people would like to go for a free weekend ride in a Hummer or a Cadillac (plus a snowmobile or an AWD). But if you offer it to someone who can’t afford it, you haven’t achieved much. Black Diners Card owners are supposed to be rich, and most of them probably are.


Americans are masters of signs – Free marketing ideas. They have a way of labeling every product, every gadget, every object, etc. We Europeans find it all a bit too much. Does every car mirror really need a sign “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”? Does a taxi window really have to be written all over, so that it’s almost impossible to see through?
Sign inflation
Lawyers are probably to blame for the signs, and, of course, Americans know that words sell. That’s why there are so many signs saying something and selling something. I’m famous for taking photos in public toilets. I saw this one on a hand drier. If you want to save a tree, dry your hands rather than wipe them with a paper towel!
World dryer
A moral? There’s always room for delivering a message, for advertising. But like with food, we need to be moderate. So be moderate, please.

Free marketing idea: For me, what sets apart a good advert from a bad one is that a good one always has something new and clever to say. Many adverts simply say nothing. Companies advertise because they want to increase sales, but the wish alone isn’t enough. An ad has to have a message. All good brings news; they express a clear message that captures the interest of customers.
A Good Advertisement
This advertisement is good because it brings news.


Free marketing ideas: We chess players always ask ourselves what our next move is going to be, and the next, and the next, and the next. The more moves we can predict and “process” the better we play. A similar concept applies to sales and marketing. Just selling a product isn’t enough – as soon as we sell it we have to ask ourselves:

“What now? What’s my next move? How do I keep the customer? What do I sell next? How do I stop them from going to the competition? How do I make them come back at least once?” [More]

You can get marketing ideas in different places. Free marketing ideas and not so free marketing ideas.

I’ve been to Big Brother already, but I didn’t volunteer. It lasted 12 months altogether. There were around 30 of us in the “house” and we slept on bunk beds. This Big Brother made us exercise for half an hour every morning at 5 a.m. We went running bare-chested no matter the temperature, and only had breakfast afterwards.

This Big Brother assigned me interesting tasks such as learning Bulgarian (perhaps useful thing if you want to become keynote speaker), radiotelegraphy and handling radiogoniometers. One day, we were even trained to shoot the world’s best-selling machinegun. [More]

Keynote speaker about medical errors and free marketing ideas. How about this one – who’s more likely to come back from a “repair shop” alive – a Toyota or a hospital patient?

Well, the odds are definitely against the patient!

I’ve been reading an interesting study.* Every year, between 44,000 and 98,000 people die in hospitals in the USA because of mistakes. Medical errors are the 8th top killer in the USA.

What’s the situation like in Slovenia? It seems that only a couple of people die due to hospital errors each year. At least we don’t usually hear of more than that. But if we simply translated the American figures to Slovenia’s two million inhabitants (the USA has a population of 300 million), we could conclude that between 293 and 653 people (hospital patients) are killed each year.

Think twice before going to the hospital next time. You’re more likely to get killed there than on the road.

Read on for free marketing ideas by keynote speaker Lisac.


Keynote speaker in Belgrade

I gave a lecture in Belgrade on Friday, on marketing, direct marketing specifically. The hosts did their job perfectly. The hall in Sava Center was full. I was fascinated by the attendees who were mostly all directors or marketing directors.

I was fascinated by the hosts, the attendants and by the city. Serbs are difficult to beat in hospitality.

One more interesting thing: I spoke on Serbian national TV after the seminar, and gave interviews to several magazines and newspapers. Serbs could read about my seminar on the first page of Borba newspaper. How come my first visit to Belgrade was covered by the national broadcaster? There are some free marketing ideas. [More]