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Your guru has done scientific research to find in which industries people do the most walking.

As expected, the gold medal went to mail carriers. Bravo! Recently, many have switched to bicycles, but still their profession calls for more walking than any other.

The first runner-ups are nurses, closely followed by their colleagues, doctors. So the silver goes to nurses, and the bronze to doctors.

It’s obvious that mail carriers need to walk a lot.

Why nurses and doctors walk so much from one office to another is a mystery to me. It might be because walking is healthy, because they’re used to it, it might be that no one has told them they walk a lot – who knows?

As I said in the previous entry, we need to ask ourselves the right questions in business.

Instead of asking themselves why they only make 1,700 euros a month while an entrepreneur selling plastic gloves and toilet paper to medical centers earns much more, doctors should be asking themselves this: “Would waiting lines in hospitals be shorter if we talked to patients more and walked less?”

Next time you’re waiting at the doctor’s, observe nurses and doctors walking. Count and have fun. After all, you’re paying for it.

And then ask yourself if you do something as stupid as that at work. You think you don’t?

How often do you check e-mails every day? Every couple of minutes? You might be more productive if you checked your e-mail only twice a day. Nurses walking around remind me all too much of frequent e-mail checking.

In his interview for Mag magazine, Samo Fakin, director of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, said that instead of prescribing their patients 4 or 5 packages of medication, doctors prefer to prescribe 6. Why do doctors prescribe more medications than needed?

The reason is simple. In Latin it’s easier to write 6 (sex) than 4 (quattuor) or 5 (quinque).

Doctors don’t even know how to count in Latin. They have forgotten how to write 4 or 5, and therefore prescribe wrong amounts of medication. This ignorance costs taxpayers a lot of money.

This of course begs the question why they aren’t allowed to write “five” in Slovene or just as a numeral 5? This would spare them the embarrassment of not knowing how to count in Latin, and we would all pay less for health insurance. [More]