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For a month or two, I have been passing by this billboard in Celovška Street, in front of an old movie-theatre-turned-concert-venue called CUK. The billboard is – how appropriately – positioned above a florist’s.
Comparative advertising
The billboard advertising concerts in Cvetličarna directly addresses all the visitors of CUK, telling them that they’ve come to the wrong place. The billboard says that Cvetličarna is the place to go.

This is an interesting example of comparative advertising. Personally, I’m not a fan of advertising that involves talking about competition. Why not? Because in this way you alert your customers to the competition, you give the competition a part of your advertising budget and such promotion can even have a negative impact on sales.

But this Cvetličarna thing seems quite good. Mostly because they put a sentence on the billboard their visitors use anyhow. And one more thing… I hadn’t noticed Cvetličarna before, but now that CUK is their competition I see their billboards everywhere. Sometimes you need competition to make a move. What do you make of such advertising?