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This just found its way to my inbox.

Spread the scent of success!
Aleš, I hope you’re not hungry.
You enter the kitchen and smell something delicious. The smell infuses the whole kitchen, you inhale, and memories of your grandmother’s kitchen come back.
You peer into the oven and see the delicious cake, the kind only your grandmother used to make. The cake looks tender and delicious. The top is already golden brown and it’ll be done any minute now.

You open the oven and hear the sizzle; you can already feel how the dough will melt in your mouth.

This is the best cake you’ll ever have.

Sorry to burst your bubble – you won’t because this is not a kitchen but your office, and you’re sitting in front of your computer.

You know it too, but you were so close, you could see and smell the cake. The description probably made your mouth water. You remembered how it feels like to bite into the cake.

This description could be different.

I could simply have said that the cake was delicious and smelled good. Would such a description make your mouth water? Probably not; I wanted to take you to the kitchen and make you smell it there.

When drawing up advertisements, keep in mind that your customers have five senses. Make them see, hear, smell and taste your product or service. Good descriptions should make your customers feel your product.

Do you happen to rent rooms at the seaside?

The day breaks and you hear birds singing. You wake up into a beautiful morning; a light breeze carries the soft scent of pine into your room. You look out of the window and see a fishing boat in the distance on the crystal blue sea…

Do you get the importance of descriptions? Your potential customers aren’t there, they can’t see, hear, smell, touch or taste what you can.

Next time you write descriptive advertisements, decide which sense is the most important for the description of your product or service. If you sell food, of course you’ll use the smell; sight also matters.

Find the right words and your potential customers will eat out of your hands.

Božo Hudopisk, MSc

Sales and Marketing Manager

Vaš profit d.o.o.


Yes, Božo is right. He might even enter national direct marketing championships.

Advertisers used to tell their potential customers what they needed to do.


Coca cola

The advertisers of today bet on creativity and forget that the advertisement’s main goal is to SELL.

Which boy is more likely to get a date? The one who’s just looking, or the one who’s got something clever to say? The latter will always win! If in doubt, watch this duel– a tall guy against a short guy who’s not much to look at and has a dildo stuck to his head. They both swing into action and the shorter one picks out the right words. Because he’s read the book I’ve told you about – The Game. It’s words that sell!

Today’s moral? Tell your customers what they need to do.

If you sell drinks, tell them they need to drink. If you sell baby food, tell parents to feed their children. I know it sounds simple and boring, but it works.