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Americans are masters of signs – Free marketing ideas. They have a way of labeling every product, every gadget, every object, etc. We Europeans find it all a bit too much. Does every car mirror really need a sign “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”? Does a taxi window really have to be written all over, so that it’s almost impossible to see through?
Sign inflation
Lawyers are probably to blame for the signs, and, of course, Americans know that words sell. That’s why there are so many signs saying something and selling something. I’m famous for taking photos in public toilets. I saw this one on a hand drier. If you want to save a tree, dry your hands rather than wipe them with a paper towel!
World dryer
A moral? There’s always room for delivering a message, for advertising. But like with food, we need to be moderate. So be moderate, please.

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