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Would you like to boost your sales with help of one of the greatest and well-known keynote speaker? Then check out these free marketing ideas written by a marketing guru.

Read the two texts below. You won’t be sorry. It’ll be educational, fun and extremely useful. When do you think the texts were published?

Shop assistants can’t sell.
Most shop assistants haven’t heard of the six commandments of perfect service. A big American department store once carried out a survey in which women pretending to be shop assistants observed 260 other sellers in action.
Here are the results:

  • Only one called a customer by name.
  • Only one brought a chair to a woman who was waiting.
  • 83 didn’t offer anything to a customer – they just let them leave the shop without a word.
  • 34 didn’t try to retain a customer when they said they were going to look for a product in other shops.
  • 175 didn’t try to offer something extra to a customer.
  • Only 71 sold in a polite and professional manner that would make customers return to the shop.

Despite it all, plenty of shops don’t bother educating their sales staff.

How should we sell?

A gas station employee had been employed at a station for some time. Every time a car stopped by he would casually ask the driver: “How much gasoline do you want?” The driver would usually ask for ten liters (2.6 gallons). When the employee finished he would add: “Any oil?” The driver would normally ask for a cup (250ml). This didn’t escape the station manager who hired another employee. The new employee wasn’t this careless. Every time a car stopped by he would politely ask: “May I fill your car up?” The driver would accept the offer. “You don’t mind me topping up the oil, do you?” proposed the new employee.

The driver was satisfied. And the company became more and more successful. That’s the power of suggestion in sales.

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