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Would you like to boost your sales with help of one of the greatest and well-known keynote speaker? Then check out these free marketing ideas written by a marketing guru.

How much is a potential customer’s address worth? Ideally, you don’t have to pay for it. Or even better, every new address makes you money. “Self liquidating leads” are addresses you haven’t paid for. Potential customers give you their addresses and even pay to be registered in your database. Cool, isn’t it?
Self liquidating leadsFree marketing ideas: Take this advert is for example. If you would like to try out the pills, pay $3.99 for postage. The postage and the pill cost less than 4 dollars. With each “free” pill order, the seller acquires a potential customer’s address and even makes some money. This is an excellent system, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. If you can pull off something like this, though, you’re bound to earn a fortune.

We employed a slightly less lucrative system when we organized a free seminar in Hala Tivoli. We had to pay for each attendee, of course. The same applies to giving away 100,000 Magnifico CDs – they weren’t free either. But in the end it all paid off. You need to invest more in to your customers.

“If you want to receive an information kit on Aleš Lisac’s latest seminar – the attendance fee is 10,000 euros – send 20 euros to my address and you’ll receive the kit by express mail. Hurry – the offer is limited to just ten participants, and each needs to take a special test, which is enclosed.”

This is an example of a “self liquidating leads” system.

If you’re interested, now you know what you need to do.  🙂

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