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Keynote speaker in Belgrade

I gave a lecture in Belgrade on Friday, on marketing, direct marketing specifically. The hosts did their job perfectly. The hall in Sava Center was full. I was fascinated by the attendees who were mostly all directors or marketing directors.

I was fascinated by the hosts, the attendants and by the city. Serbs are difficult to beat in hospitality.

One more interesting thing: I spoke on Serbian national TV after the seminar, and gave interviews to several magazines and newspapers. Serbs could read about my seminar on the first page of Borba newspaper. How come my first visit to Belgrade was covered by the national broadcaster? There are some free marketing ideas.

For two reasons. The first is the organizer’s skill, of course. The other is – and here lies a marketing lesson of this entry – that foreigners are often cleverer than the locals. You know, an expert is by definition someone who comes from outside. 🙂

There is no doubt that I will visit Belgrade again. Just to give you some statistics: Serbia was the 13th country I’ve lectured in. Drinks are on me when I reach number 20.

I’ll finish the entry with some photographs my business and pleasure visit to Serbia. You know where business starts and ends in Belgrade…

BelgradeA guest orders the last song… And the main performer says: “Sir, you’ve just chosen the most expensive song.” 🙂

The guest tries to negotiate a discount and orders ten songs. The main performer says: “Unfortunately I can’t give you a discount because that’s how much they cost me.” 🙂

SerbiaGood food in good company
DirectorsA hall full of directors

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