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October 11, 2011 | Comments | Key note speaker

Here’s a photo of me from when I was studying in the USA.
Key note speaker: Yes, you’re right, that’s a DRIVE-IN CHRISTIAN CHURCH behind me!

How do you make a confession in one of these?

You don’t even have to get out of the car, you just open the window, confess your sins, say a few prayers on the parking lot and that’s it. If McDonald’s has a drive-in, other businesses could have one too, couldn’t they? For example – a church.
I show this photo to those skeptical entrepreneurs who try to persuade me that their line of business is specific and that my ideas wouldn’t work. My friends, everything is possible. You need to remember one thing: “YOUR INDUSTRY AND YOUR COMPANY ARE NOTHING SPECIAL.” No, you’re not special either.
Lisac has taught them all, from caretakers to doctors, from lawyers to bankers. There’s no such thing as a specific industry. The principles of marketing are the same in all industries. Things just need to be tweaked a bit. I titled the best-selling Slovenian marketing workshop of all times Impossible because I’ve been busting myths since 1996. At the workshop, I showed the business community that it IS possible (by using the above photo among other things).

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