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Good advertisements are those that sell well. Publishing an advertisement should cover its costs and bring some money.

Keynote speaker at the airport.

We advertise when we can’t tell our customer the story in person. Advertisements are seller surrogates. A good seller always takes into account his/her environment. A personal address in an office differs from an address over the phone; yet one would address a customer differently at the airport or in Las Vegas, for that matter.
Good advertisementsI took photographs of these two advertisements at airports: one in Chicago, another in Las Vegas. Both have a good feature. The BMW advertisement reminds us that we’re at an airport. And many run like crazy at airports because they’ve set off late. Others who aren’t running around have enough time to smile when they see it.
Advertisements at airportsThere are hundreds of casinos in Vegas. How to choose the right one? Experienced casino goers say that each has its unique personality, its soul. The chances of losing are the same wherever you go, yet some prefer one casino to another. Virgin’s advertisement joins the debate already running among Vegas visitors. If each casino has its personality, why wouldn’t airlines? The advertisement doesn’t mention Virgin America’s advantages, but the way we choose an airline (especially in their case) is often as unfounded as the way we choose a casino.

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