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Our boat stopped on Vis on Saturday. We cruised all over the island on scooters and went to check out Tito’s old temporary abode. Hmm, I can hardly believe comrade Tito lived in that uncomfortable hole for a long time.

Aleš LisacBut it sounds perfect. Tito was a master of marketing and sales. He made his name into a world-renowned brand – one which shone really brightly in his prime. A brand must be maintained, otherwise it’s bound to lose its shine sooner or later.

So what else makes an exceptional brand? All exceptional brands have their “believers”, admirers and loyal fans on the one side, and their enemies on the other. I cannot think of a single brand that, alongside its admirers, didn’t have a big group of indifferent, even hostile, people.

If you like Union beer, you usually don’t like Laško beer; if you like Saab, you regard the drivers of BMWs as pretenders and posers; if you drive a BMW, you think all Saab drivers are weird; if you own an Apple…; if you do your shopping in Walmart…, if…

Good brands have one more feature in common: they all tell a story. Bill Gates allegedly started in a garage, Tito was hiding in a small cave in Vis, Stenmark used only Elan skis, Barcelona embraced Messi when he was still a little boy, and paid for him to grow big, Bled cream cake was first made in…

Every good brand has its story – a story that is recounted time and again. Tito really had a lot of stories…

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