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Cash Only

March 24, 2012 | Comments | Keynote speaker

Tonight I’ll be staying in a hotel in the Czech Republic. I agreed to book the room although they only take cash. I’ve just received this e-mail:

Hello again,

payment: cash only.

please if something changes, call us.
with many thanks
Zámeček pod hradem – HOTEL
Starý Jičín 111
tel.: +420 556 752 262
fax.:+420 556 752 261

So I’ll have to find an ATM on the way there. A four-star hotel plus a restaurant and they only accept cash. Interesting, isn’t it?

I have no problem with this, but some people would say that it’s not exactly customer friendly. A marketing moral to it?

If you’re selling a good quality product, which is not easily obtained, you are the one who sets the rules, not your customers. And the way you set the rules is to make as much money as possible, with minimum problems. Bravo Czechs.

I can give two words of advice to those whose customers keep asking for bigger discounts and other benefits. Change something!

Because it seems your customers can’t see why they should buy from you. That’s the reason for the price blackmail. If you offer something that’s hard to get, something different, something better, it’s you who sets the rules of the game, not the customers.

You need to be different; you need to be unique to dictate conditions. You can even be the cheapest (think Ryanair), but you’re still the boss.

You’ll be the worst off if you sell something that can be bought at every corner.

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