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Key note speaker Aleš Lisac says

Gluttony isn’t just an unhealthy habit, but also a deadly sin. Those who overeat are sinners. You’ll probably agree with me when I say that there should be a healthy equilibrium when it comes to food. When you’re full, there’s no need to keep eating.

Smart people buy as much food as they need. Making food supplies just isn’t sensible behavior. The food is bound to go off sooner or later.

How about buying knowledge? Shopping for information?

“Gluttony” is desired in that case.

Reading one more book or attending one more seminar won’t do you any harm. Recently I’ve had even more contacts with entrepreneurs. After four big and several smaller seminars I’ve been receiving around 150 e-mails daily. And every day there’s at least one saying:

“At present we are not interested in purchasing another book, since we have not read the ones that we have.”

“I will not attend the seminar as we have already discussed similar topics in the classroom.”

“We do not plan to attend the seminar because we are busy and because we are feeling the impact of the financial crisis.”

“We attended a seminar on direct marketing in 1995; will the topics be any different this time?”

These and similar excuses are rubbish. There is never enough knowledge. There are never enough books and seminars. If you stop feeding your brain with information, it will slowly fall asleep. Schools haven’t taught us everything, far from it. In most industries, knowledge dissipates in four or five years. Of course, there are industries in which knowledge is lost even earlier.

If Aleš Lisac wants to sell you a book, if Aleš Lisac wants to sell you a seminar, only one excuse is good.

I’ll leave you alone and even congratulate you if you tell me that you’ve decided on another book or seminar. I’ll understand that you can’t attend two seminars at the same time. This is to say that I’ll understand when you leave an extra euro to my competition. I’ll never understand, though, if you say that you already know everything and that you already have enough books.

And one more marketing moral to this entry. A customer is a customer is a customer.

What does that mean? At a recent panel, Milan Matos, director of the Mladinska knjiga publishing house, said that Slovenians bought 2 million books a year from Mladinska knjiga alone. But of course, not every Slovenian buys books. There are people who buy books, and there are those who don’t.

If you sell, it’s worth aiming at those already buying what you sell. Persuading a person who doesn’t buy books to buy his/her first volume is difficult and expensive. Persuading someone to attend a first seminar in his/her life is difficult; it’s much easier and cheaper to persuade a seminar addict (I confess, I’ve attended almost 40 lecturers in the past year only) to attend one more seminar.

Invest in yourselvesTo put it shortly, my friends, invest in yourselves, unless you think that you’re a bad investment.

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