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You can get marketing ideas in different places. Free marketing ideas and not so free marketing ideas.

I’ve been to Big Brother already, but I didn’t volunteer. It lasted 12 months altogether. There were around 30 of us in the “house” and we slept on bunk beds. This Big Brother made us exercise for half an hour every morning at 5 a.m. We went running bare-chested no matter the temperature, and only had breakfast afterwards.

This Big Brother assigned me interesting tasks such as learning Bulgarian (perhaps useful thing if you want to become keynote speaker), radiotelegraphy and handling radiogoniometers. One day, we were even trained to shoot the world’s best-selling machinegun.

This Big Brother would occasionally send us for helicopter rides. We had to communicate in a language that wasn’t my mother tongue, and during the entire 12 months I was granted only two weeks off. We couldn’t leave our house during the week, and we went out twice a month maximum.

Some occupants went to restricted places and did dumb things on their days off. On one occasion, two of my housemates and I were made to chase a group of our peers who jumped the fence or got drunk in joints that, at least for us, were off limits.

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Our system was simple. If we caught someone, we gave him two options: either we take you to the particularly unpleasant part of the house called “prison”, or you buy us a round of drinks and get away with a warning. Everyone chose the latter option, and this Big Brother sent us to the cooler. The photograph was taken when we were still sober; this wasn’t a case when I had to report to the Big Brother.

Some us of actually liked it in the house. It just took too long. Some found it so unbearable that they jumped out of the windows, ran away, cried, and even tried to commit suicide.

A marketing lesson of this post?

You can find free marketing ideas anywhere, even in the Yugoslav army. And …Hmm… Perhaps youngsters today really could so with serving a year in an army such as the Yugoslav National Army. The city of Niš, Serbia, is an excellent place to do just that.

But those days are gone now, which makes the current Big Brother show all the more interesting and also an educational phenomenon. I recommend watching reality shows to everyone interested in public speaking (if you want o become good keynote speaker) and to everyone interested in free marketing ideas.

In this shows you see how people who have just met each other behave in unusual circumstances. They all have something in common, for example, they are all crazy enough to apply for the show in the first place. Looking at them and studying their characters is interesting from a psychological point of view.

Here are few more free marketing ideas:

The first free marketing idea is: the change. What worked back then, may not work now, or doesn’t even exist any more. Several decades ago you had to do army service; today you’re paid 93,000 euros for 92 days of fun. In short – in business we have to adapt quickly; today’s world isn’t the same as yesterday’s.

The second free marketing idea: Being a celebrity is becoming increasingly important and it’s easy to cash in on it. If you are a celebrity, there’s always an extra euro for you to make.

The third free marketing idea. Ideas bring money. Even free marketing ideas bring money. Today it’s possible to earn a fortune with the wackiest idea that you come up with after five beers or so. There’s an abundance of free marketing ideas, but not enough people who would make money from them, and that’s a problem.

People generally dislike those who stand out. If you’re different, don’t expect the majority to like you.

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One more photo from those days. It was quite fun and educational, it just lasted too long 🙂 If you want more free marketing ideas just keep reading my blog. Going to the army or Big brother show in not really free. If you need keynote speaker from Slovenia … you are at the right place.

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