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Would you like to boost your sales with help of one of the greatest and well-known keynote speaker? Then check out these free marketing ideas written by a marketing guru.

Better postersKey note speaker Aleš Lisac says: There are always jokers in this world who, willing or not, increase the value of a poster. Vampire teeth, a moustache and other “improvements” make sure that even those who otherwise wouldn’t notice it, do so. In short, these accessories are useful in terms of recognition. If you don’t notice a poster, it doesn’t exist. A joker in this case definitely didn’t do much damage to the former minister. If those who adorn posters knew that they were actually helping the person… Well, even I would’ve missed the poster…

The idea of an eye patch isn’t new. The legendary David Ogilvy sold a lot of shirts with the help of an eye patch. Advertisements with an element of a surprise, like the eye patch, hit the right chord. We notice them more easily, we ask ourselves why…
David OgilvyOne of the ways of increasing response to printed advertisements, direct mail, etc. is to write something on an ad by hand. As we did several years ago on an Andy Owen seminar flyer.

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