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Key note speaker is Marcelo.

Marcelo makes bespoke suits for men. The price for such a suit is approximately 1,200 euros. He lacks no work. He has customers in many European countries, from Italy, the UK, Switzerland, Poland etc. I met Marcelo at Dr Cialdini’s seminar. What was he doing there? He agreed with the organizer to present his work at a small, improvised stand in front of the hall. A brilliant move. Who are his potential customers? Businessmen, of course. And businessmen who have paid 350 euros for a seminar, probably wouldn’t mind spending 1,200 euros for a bespoke suit.
Marcelo in LisacKey note speaker Marcelo was in the right place where there where customers who both sought his services and had the money to afford them.

In Marcelo’s case, price doesn’t make much difference. In reality, he doesn’t sell suits. He sells experience, a personalized service. He started the business more than four years ago. Today he has more than 1,200 satisfied customers. His only way of getting new customers is word-of-mouth. Key note speaker Marcelo has neither an office nor a shop. He calls on you in your office, on the plane, at your home … he takes your measurements, helps you choose the material, lets you wait for a month, and your suit is ready. If I remember correctly, he employs 15 seamstresses. Could a group of Mura company seamstresses come up with an idea like that? This idea requires no start-up capital, and no million-euro government subsidies. The only thing that’s needed is the idea and the will to pull it through. And that’s that. It’s been like this for a long time – in the end the winner isn’t the best custom tailor but the best seller. One thing is interesting though: those who haven’t realized this keep investing in machines, buildings, computers, furniture, etc. instead of investing in education and marketing.

Things change fast in business. If things aren’t what they used to be, we need to change something, adapt, and not whine and beg for government aid. Do you still remember when the Crvena Zastava car manufacturer persuaded the government to approve the delay in car seat bolster installation in Fiat 500? Apparently they couldn’t do it that fast. And where are they today? Whoever counts on other people to help him/her, instead of adapting is doomed. Help sometimes comes, but it does nothing other than prolong the agony.

Key note speaker Marcelo adapted and he’s doing very well. And I’ll let you know how satisfied I am with his suit and his visit to my office.

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