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Key note speaker Marie Casal has sent me another one of her letters. She often writes to me and every time she does she tells me something new and tries to sell me something.
Marie Casal This time the letter says:

“Dear Aleš, luck will be on your side if you read this letter quickly. Believe me, herein lies a solution to your problem. With its help you will drive away the evil destiny that threatens you…

“I laid out my cards for you yesterday, and I used a special combination of astrology and card reading.

“The upcoming year will be a catastrophe for you if you don’t ACT NOW! Why wait any longer? Think about it and try to reach happiness with my help!

“With your permission, I will IMMEDIATELY send you a cross, a powerful mythic amulet which will bring you money and happiness.”

The letter goes on and on in this way, on two densely printed pages. The offer ends with a modest price of 24.99 euros.

Why I’m writing about the fortuneteller? Because a lot of direct marketing tricks can be learnt from her letters. Analyzing her letters pays off. Actually, I could prepare a two-hour lecture based on the letter analysis (each paragraph, each emphasis, etc.). I might even do that here in the marketing guru’s blog (if you’d like so; let me know what you think 🙂 ).

Such a pity that authors of such letters don’t pursue projects of a less questionable moral character.

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